Where Will The Funds Raised Go?


Yemen Aid

Yemen Aid provides much needed humanitarian assistance and resources to the Yemeni people, regardless of race, political affiliation, ancestry or religion, in a timely and efficient manner in order to positively change lives, and ultimately save lives.

Yemen Aid raises awareness of the crisis, supports emergency food delivery, and supplies medical assistance.


Main Sponsor


World Care Foundation

World Care Foundation is a grassroots, volunteer-led humanitarian UK registered charity (SC046662).

In simple words; World Care Foundation was founded to encourage humanitarian efforts in order to help those in need anywhere in the world, regardless of their faith, colour, gender and ethnicity. It specifically promotes volunteering work and thus it’s organisational structure has been arranged to support volunteers to participate in anyway they can. We establish community level Management and volunteer groups so that they get involved in actual decision making processes, manage projects, go abroad on charity trips and encourage others to join.

Other Sponsors


COLOURS of Edinburgh

COLOURS of Edinburgh is a student lead initiative creating a platform for refugees to share their stories through art. They are on a mission to eliminate refugee misconceptions through art, research and digital media.


The Art School Glasgow School of Art Students’ Association

The Art School is a student and artist led venue in Glasgow. They offer space and support for a wide range of artistic and musical practices, hosting gigs, clubs, films and educational events, alongside the regular opening hours of our core social and dining facilities in the Vic Café Bar.


Journeys In Design

Journeys in Design offers exhibitions, talks and events placing Scotland’s Design talent in an global context and focusing on sustainable modes of living for individuals and communities.

They value Design in Scotland through display and discussion, visiting diverse locations, collaborating with talented people and engaging with countries and cultures other than our own.


Gladstone Media

Gladstone Media helps you like no other print company can, with the capability to expertly handle your entire project from design and artwork through to print, delivery and distribution.